Our clinic in Skopje…

is a small approved dental practice, but also a modern luxuriously equipped office that uses highly sophisticated Dental technology and Dental materials. It is run by experienced and dedicated Dentists, whose aim is to offer you not only the best available contemporary solutions but also their time, energy, experience thoughts….and heart.

Cosmetic dentistry in Macedonia has achieved very high standards due to intensive certification and constant education of specialists abroad and locally. With this website we would like to simplify and narrow down common understanding towards the vast terminology used in Cosmetic Dentistry Abroad. Possibly as your preferred Dental Treatment in Macedonia and if you have not visited Macedonia before, please view more information about Skopje and Macedonia on this site.
At Mediana Dental Implant Clinic , we believe that every patient, and therefore every treatment protocol, is unique. And we make available to our patients the latest treatments, techniques, and oral care products from around the world to give each patient a full range of options for both Non-Cosmetic and Cosmetic Dentistry.

Unlike Restorative Dentistry, which just offers single problem solutions, our goal for our patients is healthy teeth for a lifetime.
A content smiling patient is the best evidence of a job well done, so is it not reason enough for you also to leave their office with a smile on your face?

Dental Treatment…

Thanks to the latest achievements in technology, we can provide very high quality therapy including:advanced Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implants, oral surgery, endodontic, prosthodontic and teeth whitening. All at affordable prices. Even functional therapy which is practiced by only 0.02 % of Dentists worldwide. Today, Dental diagnostics is all about new technology.

It is crucial for any modern therapy. It’s also important for patients before making a final choice of procedure. Our specialists can consult with the help of maximum level of such high standards and diagnostic equipment. This will allow you to attain insight of your current oral status, which upon we can make the best possible recommendations for you future dental health.

Cosmetic dentistry and Dental tourism…

Each Dental Treatment within the industry, have become very competitive on a global scale. Cosmetic Dentistry involves Dental procedures that aim to improve the overall aesthetics of your smile. Macedonia has achieved highly professional Dental standards. In addition, it has managed to sustain affordable prices. Dentists in Macedonia are among the most desired!

They reveal enthusiasm towards the profession and indisputable willingness to constantly update themselves with newest approved methods and technology. Cosmetic Dentistry abroad in Macedonia is in its uprising! Save money for quality therapy and enjoy the Macedonian city of Skopje.